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What fabrics does the car seat have? According to the D […]

What fabrics does the car seat have?
According to the Dragon Dragon staff, car seat fabrics are generally divided into three categories: fabrics, leather and synthetic materials.
The fabric is actually a woven or flannel. The cost of a typical fabric seat is relatively low, and the mid-to-low end models are more common. “Some luxury cars also use fabric seats, but the cost of production is high.” Zhou Wei said.
In a strict sense, leather seats are only referred to as "leather" seats. The skin of the leather seat is mostly from animals such as cows, sheep and horses. It is dyed and processed to make a seat.
In addition, there is also a synthetic material, which is commonly known as "faux leather" or "artificial leather." The fur that has been used in high performance and sports cars in recent years is a synthetic material.
In general, the above three are the highest in terms of value, with the highest leather seats and the lowest fabric seats.

How to distinguish between leather and imitation leather?
Most models below 300,000 yuan are limited by the manufacturing cost and price. The materials of the seats are almost all "faux leather", or some parts of the seat use leather, and other parts use imitation leather. In general, the leather is used for a price of more than 300,000 yuan or a luxury model.
Zhou Wei added that the seat of the imitation leather fabric is not necessarily bad, and the imitation leather is also good or bad. Some high-end faux leathers are almost the same as the leather in the naked eye and touch.
Some simple methods can distinguish between dermis and faux leather.
Press the seat surface with your fingers. If it is leather, there will be obvious wrinkles on the surface. After stopping pressing, the wrinkles will disappear. If it is imitation leather, even if it is soft, the hand feels fine, and there will be no wrinkles when pressed hard. Smell with your nose. The leather seat has a unique taste of animal leather, while the imitation leather usually smells a pungent plastic.

How to maintain the leather seat?
Friendly reminder, leather seats are expensive, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance when using. It is recommended to take care at least once every six months
Cleaning is the first step in nursing. It is best not to use non-dedicated leather cleaners such as washing powder and detergent, because non-leather cleaners contain large amounts of emulsion and oil molecules, which cannot penetrate into the leather tissue to form a protective effect, but will block the pores of the leather and make the leather lose its breathability. Sex, which accelerates the formation of hardening and cracks. It is worth noting that once the leather seats are stained, they should be disposed of in time. If they are not cleaned for more than 12 hours, these stains may be difficult to remove.
In addition, after each thorough cleaning, leather care products such as leather protective cream, leather polish or leather coating should be used to prevent the leather from absorbing too much water and reducing the ingress of dirt. Regular use of leather care products can also add nutrients to the leather to prevent cracking or mildew. At the same time, it can prevent aging, fading and so on.
Zhou Wei reminded that if the seat cover is of poor quality and is covered on the leather seat for a long time, friction with it may shorten the service life of the leather seat.

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